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What Our Members Say

Frito Pie Walnut Chili

"Amazing recipe! My wife who stated she never has liked chili (and before this never had heard of frito chili pie) asks for it on a weekly basis!"

Stuffed Jalapeño Jackfruit Burger

"I love this burger. I didn't do it with the cheez but I love the deliciousness and consistency of the burger as well all the wholesome ingredients. We have switched from Impossible to this recipe with amazing results (and less gastrointestinal distress!)"

Stuffed Jalapeño Jackfruit Burger

"I really liked this burger. Been wanting to get in the habit or creating my own rather than relying on processed “vegan” shenanigans. My 13 yr old who is a stifler in this regard gave it a thumbs up as well. I didn’t add this cheese but next time for sure!"

Mushroom "Beef" Grounds

"Very easy to make. Great taste and texture. Will not buy the all ready prepared meat alternative products in the supermarket. I like this because I know exactly what is in the product. This will be my go to recipe for burgers, sloppy joes and meatless sauce with my pasta."

Mushroom Roast Beef

"This was very good, it reminded me of country fried steak without the breading. I made a gravy to put over it and served it with mashed potatoes. My children and husband enjoyed it."

Walnut Bulgogi

"This was delicious! I did substitute the brown sugar with date sugar and it worked very well!"

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